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Glenn J. Shrader, Jr.


Glenn J. (“Jack”) Shrader, Jr. was born and raised in Greenville, Ohio. He graduated from Miami University of Ohio, with a B.A. 1974. University of Toledo, School of Law, U. of Toledo, Author of Law Review Note: Federal Power Commission Order 533: Too Little Too Late;” Oklahoma City School of Law J.D. 1977. Admitted to Oklahoma Bar 1978. Jack has enjoyed a trial practice in the state and federal courts of Oklahoma and throughout the United States. He has represented clients in the United States 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, the Supreme Court of Oklahoma, and British Columbia, Canada. His choice to make our community safer has lead him on a journey to fight against unsafe products from as far as BMW’s headquarters in Munich, Germany to Taipei, Taiwan; from, Quebec to Vancouver, B.C.

Head Shaving to Raise $ and Awareness for Children’s Cancer Research: For years Jack has had his head shaved completely “bald” on St. Baldrick’s Day. This is part of a nationwide celebration of “Going Bald”. By your $ support and sponsorship of Jack’s annual ritual, cancer stricken children are being given hope, and life. To participate, donate, or be a “Shavee”, call Jack or go to www.stbaldricks.org

Operation 363: Jack volunteers by playing the piano for Operation 363. 363’s sole purpose is to brighten the lives of people who do not have regular access to adequate food, housing, and/or clothing. 363 provides a meal, smiling faces and interaction, as well as personal items, socks, and some clothing every other Saturday at the Homeless Alliance. A hot lunch is served at 11:30 a.m. every other Saturday at the Homeless Alliance located at NW 3rd St and Virginia. 363 serves food for about 250 clients. Many of our friends who come to lunch are either homeless, displaced or living in temporary shelters downtown. Some have places to live but enjoy coming and having a good meal on a Saturday. We provide a meal, some smiling faces, new socks, underwear, personal items, and sometimes a blanket, backpack, T-shirt, or a pair of jeans. At Christmas we provide something special with warmth in mind, such as sweatshirts, hats, socks and gloves. Volunteers, clothing, warm hearts and smiling faces needed.

Mayflower Medical Outreach, Inc.: Through the vision and benevolence of OAJ’s mentor deceased Brother Robert “Bob” Buck and other volunteers, MMO was founded in 1999. The dedicated efforts of this totally volunteer group have made a profound change and difference in the lives of the deaf and hearing impaired in the most impoverished Country in Central America Nicaragua. Since 2003, the MMO kids have become Jack’s expanded family. He raises money, works in Jinotega, Nicaragua building and equipping clinics, audiology booths, classrooms, cooking, and teaching. Please come and help. Our small efforts bring profound differences for the less fortunate. Please visit our website: www.mmonicargua.org to learn how to donate, volunteer, or join us in work trip to Nicaragua.